Dr. Dave and Callie are life inovators. We seek to empower and inspire to make life lasting change of freedom and peace.


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Our four areas of focus

Home Balance

Is it a joy and comfort for you to be home? Or, could it be better? Whether you’re surrounded by family, sharing with roommates or on your own we can help you balance your home life for complete satisfaction and happiness!

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Are you well? Do you sleep well? Do you feel engaged mentally, emotionally and physically? Let this Harvard Physician and Momma of 5 share with you our expertise for living a vibrant, energetic and physically engaging life!

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Life Balance

When was the last time you felt connected spiritually? Or enjoyed time investing in your relationships? Do you often feel overwhelmed? Are you overworked? We can show you a better, more balanced way of life!

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Life Style

Are you experiencing life at its fullest? Whether we’re traveling the world, relaxing with family at one of our luxury properties or simply taking kids to soccer practice we do live life at its fullest and we want the same for you!

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