It's our pleasure to present the new SurgePlan+

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Get access to all of Dr. Dave's eBooks, videos, and educational materials as he creates them. It's just like being inside the genius' brain! Be the first to know as exclusive new content arrives.

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Monthly Interactions with Dr. Dave

Join Dr. Dave's inner circle and have access to his monthly educational mastermind sessions. You get to ask, share, listen and learn tons of new information related to creating a healthy mind and body.

The Inner Circle Zoom Calls

The Spartan Community

Be a member and participate in the private Surge Plan Facebook Community to collaborate with like minded Spartans for ongoing learning, encouragement and support. 

Facebook Private Community

This is your chance to improve health, knowledge, and habits!

Whats the difference between the 30 Day Challenge and SurgePlan+ ?

The Surge Plan 30 Day Challenge is designed to guide you through the Surge Plan over 30 days in a sequential process. You’ll be given exact steps for each day of the program, and you’ll join a FB support group with others going through the challenge together.

The Surge Plan Plus program was designed to follow the challenge for those who want to maintain their new Spartan lifestyle. We give you access to all the Surge Plan Challenge content, but in a modular format based on content categories.  This is an ongoing learning program, where you gain access to Dr. Dave’s collection of eBooks, videos, and content as he creates it, including a monthly mastermind call.  You’ll be a member of a private FB community of Spartan graduates, learners, and essential oil enthusiasts who desire to educate and inspire each other. 


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